Toward a Queer History of Housing Activism in NYC

As a Summer Fellow at the CUNY GC Center for Humanities Public Scholarship Practice Space, I will be offering a series of workshops based on my research on the queer history of housing activism in NYC. Participants will learn about the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries’ STAR House in the early 1970s, organizing by queer and trans homeless people against policing in the 1980s and 1990s, campaigns to change the rent regulation system recognize same-sex partners during the early AIDS crisis, and advocacy by ACT UP New York to find housing for HIV+ Haitian migrants detained at Guantánamo Bay in the early 1990s. A slideshow presentation on these topics will incorporate print materials and photographs, oral histories, and archival radio clips. The second component of the workshop will be a counter-mapping exercise: using a large-scale map of New York City, participants will have the opportunity to share their queer and trans housing stories. The third and final component will be a facilitated conversation in which participants will have the option to share their story with the group, and discuss further avenues of research.

Thursday, July 11th 2024, 7pm
Interference Archive
314 7th Street, Brooklyn NY
Event listing:

Thursday, August 15th, 7pm
P.I.T. (Property Is Theft)
411 South 5th St, Los Sures, Brooklyn NY

Thursday, October 10th, 6pm
Center for the Humanities, CUNY Graduate Center
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